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[Linphone-developers] Re:oRTP scheduler too fast?

From: Tomas Lundqvist
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Re:oRTP scheduler too fast?
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 14:50:49 +0100

My system is Red Hat 8.0 (Psyche) on a AMD Athlon (1.3GHz) PC. I compile my 
program with glib-2.2.3. I have tried both ortp-0.6.2 and ortp-0.6.3pre4 and 
noneof the shedulers in these seem to work (see my program in "oRTP scheduler 
too fast?". They seem to be asking for the packets faster than they are 
received from the net which leads to unsyncronization. 

It would be very nice if someone could decribe a working system (glib version, 
compilation parameters, platform, ortp-version etc.). I am very surprised that 
the scheduling doesn't work since Linphone seems tobe working fine (I haven't 
tried it on the AMD system though only on Intel Pentium III). 

Would it bee any difference if i tried to run everything on my Intel-machine 

I guess most of you must be running working schedulers?
By the way, have installed using ./configure, make, make install and I compile 
my program using the glib parameters in "README".

Thank you all!



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