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[Linphone-developers] not ACKing retransmitted 200's.

From: Troy Cauble
Subject: [Linphone-developers] not ACKing retransmitted 200's.
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2003 12:12:54 -0400
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Using linphone-0.11.0 with osip-0.9.7, I see the following:

 When a 200 is received in response to an INVITE, it is ACKed.
 But if the ACK is lost, the far end (not a linphone) repeats the 200.
 Linphone never ACKs these repeated 200s.

In osip/fsm/ict_fsm.c, ict_rcv_2xx() has two callbacks
to functions in linphone/osipua/src/ict_callbacks.c:
 1) ict_2xx_received() handles the 200 and sends the ACK, and
 2) ict_kill_transaction() frees the transaction

It appears that either ict_rcv_2xx() should not callback
ict_kill_transaction(), or ict_kill_transaction() should
not actually remove the transaction, so that subsequent
200's can be matched.  Can someone suggest which one?
If someone clarifies which library should be responsible,
I can write the code.

Also, how long should it guard against repeat 200's?
A few seconds?  The life of the dialog?

Also, I see OSIP_RETRANSMISSION ifdefs in linphone
for repeating the 200ok msgs until an ACK is received.
But it appears that some osip portions are missing
from 0.9.7.  What's the status of this?

  I find references to these functions
  (osip_start_200ok_retransmissions(), etc.) in osip2.
  Can linphone-0.11.0 (& it's osipua library) be used with osip2 ?
  I thought osip2 was not compatible and you had to wait for an
  eXosip version of linphone.  Or maybe there are cvs entries
  between osip 0.9.7 and 2.0.0 that contain these??

Please, no eXosip suggestions.  I need to get a pre-eXosip
linphone working.


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