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RE: [Linphone-developers] hi again :)

From: Klaus Darilion
Subject: RE: [Linphone-developers] hi again :)
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 14:27:37 +0200

Maybe MSN is strictly RFC3265 conform, because RFC3265 section 3.2.4 defines:

NOTIFY requests MUST contain "Subscription-State" headers which indicate the 
status of the subscription.

If adding this header does not work, please send the complete trace (SUBSCRIBE 
+ NOTIFY) for further debugging.


-----Original Message-----
From:   Ivica Babarovic [mailto:address@hidden
Sent:   Wed 23.07.2003 13:25
To:     address@hidden
Subject:        Re: [Linphone-developers] hi again :)
Klaus Darilion wrote:
> The event header is missing, in your case:
> Event: presence
> regards,
> Klaus
>>Well I managed to come to the stage when I send NOTIFY packet 
>>but I get
>>respond from MSN that I'm sending a >>bad request<<. So, I 
>>managed to get ...

Thank you for your response Klaus. I added the Event header and still got a bad 
request responce from
windows messenger. The last two packets look like this: = Linphone = Messenger

U ->
   NOTIFY sip: SIP/2.0..Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=2930826916..From: <sip:address@hidden>;tag=42013..To: 
"kvasenica" <sip:address@hidden>
   ;tag=3420d618-8da2-4f37-b1b5-42873a310a34..Call-ID: address@hidden: 1 
NOTIFY..Contact: <sip:address@hidden>..Event: presence..user-agent: oSI
   P/Linphone-0.8.0..Content-Length: 0....
U ->
   SIP/2.0 400 Bad Request..Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=2930826916..From: <sip:address@hidden>;tag=42013..To: 
"kvasenica" <sip:address@hidden>;tag=3420d6
   18-8da2-4f37-b1b5-42873a310a34..Call-ID: address@hidden: 1 
NOTIFY..User-Agent: Windows RTC/1.0..Content-Length: 0....

I observed this process betwen two messengers and I noticed that they dont use 
event header. They add an XML message to the
body of a packet and thats how they achieve event notification. Here is how it 
looks NOTIFY from one messenger to another:     1. messenger    2. messenger

U ->
   NOTIFY sip: SIP/2.0..Via: SIP/2.0/UDP 
<sip:address@hidden>;tag=edcda7b2-41d6-4cba-a8c9-d40f73e9860e..To: "emsy" 
   e-06f7-43a9-9cbe-f3914b428122..Call-ID: address@hidden: 1 NOTIFY..Contact: 
<sip:>..User-Agent: Windows RTC/1.0..Content-Type: 
   ..Content-Length: 346....<?xml version="1.0"?>.<!DOCTYPE presence.PUBLIC 
"-//IETF//DTD RFCxxxx XPIDF 1.0//EN" "xpidf.dtd">.<presence>.<presentity 
   m id="1003">.<address uri="sip:;user=ip" 
priority="0.800000">.<status status="open" />.<msnsubstatus substatus="online" 

Naturaly, :) I tried to emulate this and added a simmilar body to my NOTIFY 
packet on linphone.
Of course nothing happened .. bad request again.
Any ideas?

Babarovic Ivica

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