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[Linphone-developers] Linphone addon: Steganography

From: Rubén Garrigós Domínguez
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Linphone addon: Steganography
Date: 19 Apr 2003 14:04:29 +0200

Hi everyone,

I want to add audio steganography support to linphone so you can send a
file while hidden into the voice conversation. It's the aim of a project
for Diploma Thesis.

Can somebody help me to start? I need:

- How can I intercept the audio input buffer of the sender to modifify
the audio data? I need access to raw data, not compressed data.

- How can I intercept the audio data input of the receiver just after 
sending this to soundcard?

- How can force linphone to read audio input from a file instead the
soundcard and writing audio output to a file too?



Rubén Garrigós Domínguez <address@hidden>

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