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Re: [OT] help about some questions

From: Dario Marrini
Subject: Re: [OT] help about some questions
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2023 22:36:52 +0100

thanks a lot to everyone

Il giorno ven 17 mar 2023 alle ore 04:44 Mike Blackstock <> ha scritto:
re. Beethoven Piano Concerto no. 3

It's been typeset with lilypond by Stelio Samelis. I muted the piano part in the midi, and
converted it to mp3 as well. Double-click sound files to listen:

On Thu, 16 Mar 2023 at 06:10, Dario Marrini <> wrote:
Hi lilypond friends, 
I'd like to create an orchestral midi collection, for playing piano concertos with a MIDI accompaniment. 

The first difficulty is transcribing orchestral scores, then, I wonder if someone could suggest me a pdf2midi or pdf2score app or online service that could help; at this moment I'd be interested in Prokofiev Piano Concerto n. 1 and Beethoven Piano Concerto n. 3; I tried the online service of MuseScore but I got a 'score not compatible' message (I'm using the score)

Second difficulty will be getting an interactive mode about playing midi orchestral score, even without thinking to a 'follow me' mode, listening to audio solo part (I think it'd be very difficult to implement), I thought I could create and additional track, with just a few notes to play, and then finding a way to concatenate other midi events to those special notes, to get a synchronous mode with solo part (played by human) and midi orchestral part; even in this case (I'm not a such good code programmer) I have no idea if it could be possible and how.

I'm a pianist and piano teacher, this kind of solution could improve very much the teaching level and the final piano and orchestra exam; indeed, it could be a development idea, creating a web site to offer this service

Hoping this idea could be interesting for someone, I wait for your help or even thoughts


dario m. 


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