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\rightHandFinger in banjo tablature

From: Thomas Widmann
Subject: \rightHandFinger in banjo tablature
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2023 20:22:11 +0100


I'm trying to produce banjo tablatures similar to the ones seen here: <>

In general it's working well, but I seem unable to get the right hand fingerings to show in the tablature. A simple example:

fT = \rightHandFinger #1
fI = \rightHandFinger #2
fM= \rightHandFinger #3

music = {
 \set strokeFingerOrientations = #'(down)
  b \fI
  d' \fM
  g \fT
  b \fI
  g'\5 \fT
  d' \fM

 \new TabStaff \with { \tabFullNotation
    tablatureFormat = #fret-number-tablature-format-banjo
    stringTunings = #banjo-open-g-tuning
 }{ \music }

If I add a normal Staff, the right hand fingerings will show up there, but I only want the tablature.

Furthermore, I'd prefer the fingers to be called T, I and M rather than p, i and m. How would I do that?

Thanks a lot!

Thomas Widmann

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