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Re: Benefits of Cairo backend over Ghostscript for PDF

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: Benefits of Cairo backend over Ghostscript for PDF
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2023 11:40:49 +0100
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Andrew Bernard <> writes:

>> On 18/03/2023 11:44 pm, Werner LEMBERG wrote:
>>>> Hi Werner, With NBN in Australia, the speeds are amazing.  [...]
>>> Well, a great percentage of the world does not have such amazing
>>> circumstances...
> Well as I said, I don't know. I thought America would be way ahead.

The political system in the U.S. considers bribes by lobbyists a First
Amendment protected variant of free speech.  As a consequence, cable
companies receiving government subsidies for implementing broadband
coverage save a lot of money if instead of increasing broadband coverage
they bribe the politicians responsible for implementing oversight or at
least ensuring there is a reasonable chance for competitors to get
access to the market.

The FCC government agency responsible for regulating cable companies has
currently spent more than a year headless, with lobbyists sabotaging an
appointment for the leadership position after the last one had left.

Sometimes it is not sufficient to be good at developing technology...

David Kastrup

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