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Re: oddHeaderMarkup

From: Valentin Petzel
Subject: Re: oddHeaderMarkup
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2023 10:08:37 +0100

If you compile your score you should see an error like

/tmp/frescobaldi-vl88zcuk/tmpo3h9r9ob/ Fehler: Guile signaled 
an error for the expression beginning here
    \on-the-fly #
                 part-not-first-page \fontsize #-1.0 \fromproperty 
Unbound variable: part-not-first-page
/tmp/frescobaldi-vl88zcuk/tmpo3h9r9ob/ Fehler: falscher Typ 
für Argument 1; procedure erwartet, #<unspecified> gefunden
                #part-not-first-page \fontsize #-1.0 \fromproperty 
ERROR: In procedure ly:parse-file:
In procedure reverse!: Wrong type argument in position 1: (#<unspecified> . #f)

(for me there is some german in this, but it does not really matter). Let’s 
parse these messages from top to bottom:

The first is a GUILE message "Unbound variable: part-not-first-page", which 
means that there exists no binding for part-not-first-page. As Jean explained 
this should actually have been not-part-first-page when this still worked as 
you can see documented here:

But this does also not work with 2.24 anymore, as these specifc function hooks 
have been removed. The currend interface is documented in the 2.24 docs:

Then the next message is a parsing error: \on-the-fly requires a precedure as 
first argument, but as the procedure in question does not exists it gets the 
special value #<unspecified>.


Am Sonntag, 19. März 2023, 02:00:53 CET schrieb Dimitri Sykias:
> Lilypond v. “2.24.1”. I use “oddHeaderMarkup” and “evenHeaderMarkup”. I want
> to change the font size of header, but “\fontsize #-1.0” does nothing. How
> can I achieve this? Thanks!
> oddHeaderMarkup = \markup
>   \fill-line {
>     " "
>     \on-the-fly #part-not-first-page \fontsize #-1.0 \fromproperty
> #'header:subtitle \if \should-print-page-number \fromproperty
> #'page:page-number-string }
>   evenHeaderMarkup = \markup
>   \fill-line {
>     \if \should-print-page-number \fromproperty #'page:page-number-string
>     \on-the-fly #part-not-first-page \fontsize #-1.0 \fromproperty
> #'header:subtitle " "
>   }

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