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Alternate Measures

From: Greg Lindstrom
Subject: Alternate Measures
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2023 15:31:58 -0500


I am reworking the bass (tuba) parts for my section in the Natural State Brass Band. For those of you not familiar with the British-style Brass band, ALL members of the band are expected to have exceptional technique. The piece I'm reworking has 32nd note runs (1/4 = 90) which members of my section just can't play, so I'm writing "simplified" versions which either play every other note or a small (3 or 4 note) snippet. When all 3 parts are played together the entine lick is covered.

So, my question. Is there a way I can set something at the top of the file where I can specify which version of the measure(s) I want engraved?  For example, suppose I have a "variable" called "part_name" which I can set to "full" or "simple". I am looking for something like this:

a4 b c d|                                     # We all play this
if (part_name == "full" Then 
    a8 a b b c c d d|                     # this measure for our advanced players
    a4 b c d|                                 # this measure of our "junior" players
a4 b c d                                      # we're all back to playing together again

I'm currently using "ossia" notation, but it's cluttering the part up, though it's nice to see what others are doing.

Is there anything I can do short of having 2 copies of the parts differing only by the few measures I've changed?

Thanks Everyone!


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