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Cues and Rest Collision Warning

From: Archer Endrich
Subject: Cues and Rest Collision Warning
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2023 11:54:20 +0000
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Dear Lilypond User Group,

First of all, thanks for the great discussion about variables and Bookpart.  I had very recently come across that problem, though in simpler form:  just putting a variable definition directly into a file that used \book (for assembling several short scores). Placing the definition outside \book made it all work perfectly.

I have another problem with a very simple use of cues, using code as in the Notation Manual.  This is my example:
\version "2.22.1"

\header {
  title = "Cues and Rest Collision Warning"

\markup \vspace  #1

\score {

  \new Staff {
    \time 4/4
    \clef treble

    g'1^\markup{Fl 1} |
          { c'1\rest }
            \new CueVoice {
                r4^"Oboe cue" \stemUp g'8->([ a'] ~ a'2) |
    r2^\markup{Fl 1} bes'8->\sfz\>([ a'] ~ a'4\!\p\<) ~ |


\layout { }

This compiles OK but gives the warning :  cannot resolve rest collision:  rest direction not set

The reason I used c'1\rest was so that the rest would be placed on the bottom line of the Staff.  I would really like a centered rest (R1) but this automatically places it on the 2nd line from the top, which does conflict with the music of the cue.

Why does it worry about a 'rest direction' (whatever that is), especially when it is a breve rest.  Is there a way to avoid the warning.

Cues are minimal in this piece, so I didn't want to use a separate staff.

Finally, is it common practice to include the rest (for the instrument playing that part) along with the cue, which is distinguished by its smaller notes?

Thank you,


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