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Re: How to place a TextScript in the middle of the Staff?

From: Jean Abou Samra
Subject: Re: How to place a TextScript in the middle of the Staff?
Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2023 10:54:48 +0100
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Le mardi 07 mars 2023 à 10:46 +0100, Michael Gerdau a écrit :

Hi list!

I'm trying to place an articulation right in the middle of the Staff and I seem to lack the proper incantation. When I increase Y-offset to e.g. #3 the little "z" is printed above the Staff. I want it to appear at about the gis position on top of the stem. What do I have to adjust to make it work?

\version "2.25.2"

music = \relative d' {    \override TextScript.Y-offset=#2    \override TextScript.X-offset=#0.5    d2_\markup { \musicglyph "z" }\repeatTie r2 }

\score {    \music }

\version "2.25.2"

music = \relative d' {
   \override TextScript.Y-offset=#0
   \override TextScript.outside-staff-priority = ##f
   \override TextScript.X-offset=#0.5
   d2_\markup \vcenter \musicglyph "z" \repeatTie r2

\score {

If you don't turn off outside-staff-priority, it will try to prevent the collision, moving the text script out of the staff.

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