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Re: Help

From: Jean Abou Samra
Subject: Re: Help
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2021 21:54:28 +0100
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Le 20/11/2021 à 21:46, Carl Sorensen a écrit :

From: Leonid Hrabovsky <>
Date: Saturday, November 20, 2021 at 9:58 AM
To: Werner LEMBERG <>
Cc: "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, Carl Sorensen <>
Subject: Re: Help

Agreed! Nevetheless, in my modest opinion, the easiness of modern notation in LilyPond would be greatly upgraded if one might take the book of Edgard Karkoschka on the XX century notation and check out most common features used by all composers discussed in this very informative book - it will turn out that there are 5-6 such common features (like frame or proportional notation, some few lines and symbols) that might be easily added to the whole pool. In comparison to enormously rich resources devoted in documentation to ancient and medieval notation (circa 100 noteheads only!), it looks like the needs of modern composers are somehow overlooked...

Lilypond’s stated goal is to be able to replicate the high-quality 19th century engraving.  That’s why all the resources are there.

I would disagree. At least, the modest resources
that I put in LilyPond myself are not principally
directed towards that.

Lilypond’s goal is not to serve the needs of modern composers.

In my book, the goal is at least to be flexible enough
for anyone to be able to implement their own notations.
While it is not reasonable to expect every sort of
notation out-of-the-box, not the least because
composers invent new devices everyday, it is
a reasonable goal, and a well-achieved one to this
day (largely thanks to David K. I believe), to
give it Scheme interfaces that can be understood
and worked with with fair ease in order to enable
people to be creative in the use they make of

But those who are interested in modern composers’ needs are welcome to contribute function to LilyPond.

That's naturally a part I do agree with very much.

Best regards,

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