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Re: \compressMMRests, compressEmptyMeasures or \compressFullBarRests?

From: Thomas Morley
Subject: Re: \compressMMRests, compressEmptyMeasures or \compressFullBarRests?
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2021 14:58:18 +0100

Am So., 14. Nov. 2021 um 14:15 Uhr schrieb Valentin Petzel <>:
> Hello Jacques,
> Frescobaldi does not always know the latest Lilypond language. As far as I see
> \compressMMRests and \comressEmptyMeasures do the same, but
> \compressEmptyMeasures works like a toggle that needs to be unset by
> \expandEmptyMeasures (it’s basically just a shorthand for \set Score.skipBars
> = ##t, while \compressMMRests should compress only the following Rest, so it
> checks if the music is a MM Rest and only then sets Score.skipBars = ##t once.
> So if you want to compress every MM Rest over a passage you use
> \compressEmptyMeasures, if you want to compress one particular MM Rest you use
> \compressMMRests, I guess.
> Cheers,
> Valentin

Well, not exactly.
\compressMMRests compresses MMRs in the following music-espression,
which may be some longer sequential music. It is _limited_ to MMRs.
\compressEmptyMeasures compresses MMRs and other long durations until reverted:

m = {
  \override Score.BarNumber.break-visibility = ##(#f #t #t)
  R1*2 R1*3 b\longa c'1*3 s1*2
  \bar "||"

{ \compressMMRests \m \m }
{ \compressEmptyMeasures \m \expandEmptyMeasures \m }

\compressFullBarRests is no longer valid syntax in recent versions.


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