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Re: slashed afterGrace?

From: Lukas-Fabian Moser
Subject: Re: slashed afterGrace?
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2021 00:53:44 +0100
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Hi Stan,

Am 12.11.21 um 00:17 schrieb Stan Sanderson:
How can I obtain an an acciaccatura-style (slashed) grace stem with 
\afterGrace? Much searching has failed to find an answer. Help appreciated!

\version "2.23.3"
\include ""
\relative c
   {\clef bass
       <<{ <b' fs>2 \afterGrace 3/4 <as e>2  <as e>8( |  <fs d>1) }
       {<d b>2  \afterGrace 3/4 <cs fs,>  <cs fs,>8( | <b d,>4)( <as cs,>4 <fs b,>2) 

Sorry for the length of the code, but thought it would clarify the request.

This is controlled by the stroke-style property of the Flag:

\version "2.23.3"

\language english

slash = \tweak Flag.stroke-style grace \etc

\relative c
  \clef bass
      <b' fs>2 \afterGrace <as e>2 \slash <as e>8( |
      <fs d>1)
      <d b>2 \afterGrace <cs fs,> \slash <cs fs,>8( |
      <b d,>4)( <as cs,>4 <fs b,>2)

I removed the 3/4, as this is the standard anyway as long as you don't modify afterGraceFraction.


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