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Re: Frescobaldi fails with Fedora 35 / Python 3.10

From: Valentin Petzel
Subject: Re: Frescobaldi fails with Fedora 35 / Python 3.10
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2021 16:49:49 +0000 (UTC)

Hello Frederico,

technically you're always running frescobaldi from source. But well. I agree 
that usually it is not a good idea to patch dist files, but in this case I see 
no problems with this. The only real problem to patching dist files here is 
that any update to the package would revert these changes. But as the next 
update to the frescobaldi package is most likely going to include these patches 
this is not a problem.


10.11.2021 17:19:18 Federico Bruni <>:

> Il giorno mer 10 nov 2021 alle 16:14:19 +0100, Valentin Petzel 
> <> ha scritto:
>> As far as I have read this is solved by this patch:
>> which is simply adding int(...) twice. As python is an interpreted language
>> you can apply this patch to an existing Frescobaldi installation.
>> So you simply have to open this file on your local Frescobaldi installation
>> (which should be a path like /usr/share/frescobaldi/frescobaldi_app/widgets/
>> with root access, go to the affected lines (74,75) and add
>> these int(...) parts.
> Not enough. This is also needed, I think:
> Anyway, I would not suggest patching files belonging to a distro package.
> Running Frescobaldi from source on Linux is pretty easy:

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