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RE: opus migration

From: Mark Stephen Mrotek
Subject: RE: opus migration
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2021 14:02:03 -0800

Mr. Wright,

I am not a power user of Lilypond.
I transcribe music for my study and personal performance.
If my incompetence results in inquiries that are sophomoric or inane to your
expertise then your option is to ignore them.
We all crawl before we walk.


-----Original Message-----
From: David Wright [] 
Sent: Tuesday, November 9, 2021 12:51 PM
To: Mark Stephen Mrotek <>
Subject: Re: opus migration

On Tue 09 Nov 2021 at 11:43:54 (-0800), Mark Stephen Mrotek wrote:

> I did not explain the structure of the piece accurately.
> It is Opus 13 of Beethoven.
> The six sections of the first movement are in separate scores. These are
what are in the "include"
> \version "2.22.1"
> \header {
>   title =  "Sonate"
>   composer = "L. v. Beethoven"
>   opus = "Opus 13"
>   dedication = "Dem Fursten Carl von Lichnowsky gewidmet"
> }
> \include "Op 13"
> \include "Op 13"
> \include "Op 13"
> \include "Op 13"
> \include "Op 13"
> \include "Op 13"
> No header is to appear in each of the sections.
> Eventually the second and third movements shall also be included.
> Again thank you for your kind attention.

I didn't recall that I posted:
and I don't feel that I need a copy of opus 13 as well as K310, so I'll just
wait for the penny to drop on the behaviour of include.


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