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Re: opus migration

From: David Wright
Subject: Re: opus migration
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2021 13:26:48 -0600
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On Tue 09 Nov 2021 at 10:41:22 (-0800), Mark Stephen Mrotek wrote:
> A piano piece I am engraving has several sections. Each has different
> meters, keys, and number of voices. Each is coded in a separate score for
> ease of future editing.
> The entire piece is structured
> \header {
> title = "title"
> composer = "composer"
> opus = "opus"
> }
> \include ""
> \include ""
> \include "section3[.]ly"
> \include ""            Yes the quote marks [were] not the correct 
> style here.
> When compiled the opus appears before each section.
> Reading
> "Note, though, that only piece and opus fields are printed by default in
> Score Titles unless the \paper variable, print-all-headers, is set to #t."
> Would someone please provide a functioning explanation has to how this apply
> this to my current piece?

Tricky. You've given the header and nothing else: the /file/ structure
(ie includes) has nothing to do with the musical structure seen by LP.
We need to know which headers you want to see at the start of each
section (≡ score, presumably).

I would write a mickey mouse file containing nothing but structure,
like the attached, in order to work out what's right for you.


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Description: Text document

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