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Need help to familiarize with Lilypond's internals

From: CieMaKat
Subject: Need help to familiarize with Lilypond's internals
Date: Sun, 7 Nov 2021 21:52:11 +0100


I'm a software engineer and I am working on my personal side project related to rendering sheet music. I didn't want to reinvent the wheel so I decided to check Lilypond source code (I find Lilypond the best music typesetter software I know) to understand basic concepts which could help me with my project. However, I have to say I'm struggling to understand how Lilypond works internally. Therefore I'm asking for help.

I browsed through the source code on Github, yet I'm unable to find out how, i.e. slur keypoints are calculated. The Essay on automated music engraving explains that actually three slurs are "generated" and one with the highest point rating is selected. I can't find either three-fold slur generation nor the rating algorithm.

Is there any valuable documentation for beginners? I am aware of the Contributor Guide, yet it gives little to none introduction to code itself.
Is there anyone who knows the Lilypond internals and would agree to have a call (Skype/Teams/Discord) to introduce me to the code? I think explaining how the slur is generated (from parsing the code until final control points are calculated) would be a great kickoff and would allow me to continue deep-diving in the Lilypond internals on my own.


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