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Re: Override a StaffSymbol property outside \new Staff { ... } context

From: Simon Albrecht
Subject: Re: Override a StaffSymbol property outside \new Staff { ... } context
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2020 13:43:33 +0100

Hi Paolo,

it seems like you have some very specific setup of lilypond files and framework and need a solution that works within that, but you’re trying to avoid explaining the whole setup either because it’s too much effort or for privacy or similar. From my experience, when I get into that kind of situation I have usually ended up in some kind of ‘rabbit hole’ and the problem would be easier solved with a different setup in the first place.

Can you describe the reason why you need this?

Best, Simon

On 16.01.20 03:41, Paolo Prete wrote:
I need to override a property of StaffSymbol, for every staff, outside any music expression/block context. Probably I'm not using the right words even now. But what I need is a sort of a "global" variable which is set for any staff without having to put it into some music expression (like \layout {\context {...}} , or \new Staff \with { ... } etc.).
This is why I asked if is there a Scheme solution

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