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Re: Lyric misalignment solved. Was Re: Lyric misalignment and beaming?

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: Lyric misalignment solved. Was Re: Lyric misalignment and beaming?
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2020 15:58:05 +0100
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Carl Sorensen <address@hidden> writes:

> On 1/14/20, 6:58 AM, "Arle Lommel" <address@hidden> wrote:
>     So schrieb David:
>     > Either way is acting as it should.
>     > 
>     > The manual has an index entry "beam, with lyrics" for the chapter
>     > "Setting automatic beam behavior" but there is no usable reference
>     > whatsoever in that chapter.  I actually find rather little elsewhere
>     > either, there are mostly just some allusions to manual beaming and
>     > lyrics that don't make it into a definitive statement about LilyPond's
>     > behavior rather than a general typesetting practice.
>     > 
>     > It's sort of an "everyone knows this except the manual" situation
>     > apparently.
>     Thanks for the explanation, which makes sense. Where should I
> suggest that this be made more prominent in the documentation? It
> think it ought to be mentioned in the section on Lyrics where slurs
> are discussed so that both options are evident to people like me, who
> dip in and out of Lilypond on a semi-regular basis but aren’t quite up
> on all the details.
> Well, in NR 2.1.1, under Multiple notes to one syllable
> (,
> we read of five different ways to accomplish this.  One of them is
> manual beaming:
> "Notes are considered a melisma if they are manually beamed, providing
> automatic beaming is switched off. See Setting automatic beam
> behavior"
> There is also a subsection that describes how melismaBusyProperties
> can be tuned to control how melismata are decided.
> Perhaps this is a place that more clarity could be added, but
> personally, this has worked well for me understanding this issue.  I
> don't really see a need to add more here.
> Maybe we need to improve the indexing.

And definitely the cross-referencing.  If there is a single sentence
summarising the behavior with a link to the extensive explanation in
most locations where one would expect to see it, that should help a lot.
Particularly when there already is a handwaving statement of the "it was
customary for syllables to match manually placed beams" kind.

David Kastrup

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