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Tuplet number collision when slurred

From: Jean-Julien Fleck
Subject: Tuplet number collision when slurred
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2020 18:13:50 +0100


I've got into a strange behavior of a \tuplet that can be seen with this code:

{\clef alto \tuplet 3/2 {a8-3( g-2 f-1)}}

to be compared with the same without the slur

{\clef alto \tuplet 3/2 {a8-3 g-2 f-1}}

for which there is no collision between fingering and tuplet number.

In my little piece, I will just use \once\omit TupletNumber and I would be done, but I think it could be a bug some would like to investigate (even if it seems quite rare to occur).


JJ Fleck
Physique et Informatique
PCSI1 Lycée Kléber

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