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Work structure question

From: Guy Stalnaker
Subject: Work structure question
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 2020 15:29:35 -0600

I am unsure how exactly to do this, so asking.

I'm writing an SATB arrangement (easy squeezy) in SA-TB two staff format

\new ChoirStaff  <<
\new Staff
\new Voice = "soprano" { S }
\new Voice = "alto" { A }
\new Lyrics \lyricsto "soprano" \verseOne
\new Lyrics \lyricsto "soprano" \verseTwo
\new Lyrics \lyricsto "soprano" \verseThree
\new Lyrics \lyricsto "soprano" \verseFour
\new Staff
\new Voice = "tenor" { T }
\new Voice = "bass" { B }

Works fine (this structure is from Frescobaldi's Wizard).

Now, however, I need to add supplemental lyrics. There are sections where the soprano sings a held note and the three lower voices sing a Hallelujah or some other text. There is a section where the bass sings a lead in and then the upper three voices sing a Hallelujah. A setting like this:

The LP structure above does not allow for this type of lyric setting. The question is, then, how to add them without breaking the structure?

I thought to add a \new Lyrics \lyricsto "alto" \versealto but LP puts the lyrics below the existing lyrics. So, I'm thinking there is some way of specifying context/voice/staff (?) to tell LP to put the lyrics directly beneath the upper staff. And then do the same for the lower staff. Something like

\new Staff = "upper" << >>
\new Lyrics \lyricsto "alto" [below staff "upper"]
\new Staff = "lower" << >>
\new Lyrics \lyricsto "tenor" [above staff "lower]
\new Lyrics \lyricsto "bass" [below staff "lower"]

Has anyone done something like this? Or am I complete off base?


Guy Stalnaker

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