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ANN: LilyJSSVG, first pre-release (BIG improvement)

From: Paolo Prete
Subject: ANN: LilyJSSVG, first pre-release (BIG improvement)
Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2020 23:32:07 +0100

Hello all,

I am very happy to announce the first version of the LilyJSSVG editor, after the various tests made in the previous days (I have not yet committed the release, but everything is ready).

As you can see, this version brings VERY IMPORTANT differences compared to the test versions: everything is in fact absolutely automated, and is achieved through the point-and-click system on the score, from which you can open drop-down menus for editing objects with The mouse. Instead of explaining all this in words, I suggest you see the following video, in which with LilyJSSVG I open a Beethoven sonata taken from the Mutopia project and modify it.

Obviously my intent is to create a complete editor. In the next few days I will insert various other grob to modify (hairpins, accidents, keys, brackets etc.).

I really invite you to consider the features of this editor.

1) For the first time, objects can be modified with the mouse avoiding the unnerving trial and error process. Note that the system I used has nothing different from the tweaks and overrides that are normally done through a text editor. I kept the same names of the objects (Script, Beam, DynamicText etc.): the only difference is that here the coordinates are calculated and written directly with the mouse. So all this is not at all in opposition to Lilypond's logic, but rather strengthens it.

2) The editor doesn't need ANYTHING to compile. It is in fact generated by Lilypond himself!

I did all this because I believe in Lilypond a lot and I use it often. I wanted to invest my time because in this way I speed up the writing of the scores.
I really needed to speed up many operations, and I am achieving this result.
But it would be really nice if you help me. Again: watch the video.

In the coming weeks, after adding more grobs to modify, I will suspend the development. At this point, I will be able to actively dedicate myself to the project only if I am supported. The help I ask from you is 1) test 2) code cleaning 3) documentation 4) support for writing in _javascript_. 5) Test on Windows / OSx

For point 4) I am willingly available for those who want to learn how to add new features to the code.

If supported, I will try to continue the work by adding a text editor with the various features of syntax highlighting etc. If I will not be supported, unfortunately I will devote myself to the project much more occasionally (I will however try to continue developing it, because I believe in it). Of course, I cannot do everything alone, and I would like to see the Lilypond development team (should I cross-post this to lilypond-devel ml?)  saying something about the possibility of including this feature in the Lilypond project.


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