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Re: How to unfold percent but not volta repeats?

From: vampyrebat
Subject: Re: How to unfold percent but not volta repeats?
Date: Sat, 07 Dec 2019 00:15:38 -0600

I've managed to answer my own question about how to achieve this in 2.18. Or, 
rather, the LSR has answered it for me:

Still would love to know the status of issue 769! Wanting a MIDI without 
percent and tremolo repeats must be rare; it should certainly be possible if 
the user asks for it, but it makes little sense as the default.

On 12/6/19, address@hidden wrote:
> Thank you, David. This appears to be undocumented in the 2.19.83 manual (no
> mention in "3.5.6 Using repeats with MIDI", which describes \unfoldRepeats).
> Is this an oversight?
> I infer this feature isn't in 2.18? Is there any way to achieve it in 2.18?
> I'd rather not rely on a development release for functionality integral to
> this score.
> On a related note, does anyone know the status of issue #769
> ( I agree that this
> proposed change is the more sensible default, but this issue was last
> updated four years ago.

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