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Re: Poster for music engraving conference

From: mason
Subject: Re: Poster for music engraving conference
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2019 08:23:16 -0800
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On 12/06, Werner LEMBERG wrote:
> Well, we need all posters approximately one week before the conference
> starts so that they can be plotted in time.  In other words, we need
> something until Jan 9th, which gives us more than a month.

Okay, I have some work to wrap up, but when I have time I'll see what I
can do if no one else has stepped up.

> I think that using lyluatex might be a good option.  The main
> question, however, is which poster class we should use.  Some ideas
> can be found at
>   ;
> another possibility could be
>   .

Hopefully our decisions about what to include in the poster will then
inform our decisions about the layout.  I think we can start by coming
up with some text and snippets.

What language(s) should the text of the poster be in?

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