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Re: Overriding position of a full bar rest does not always work

From: Peter Toye
Subject: Re: Overriding position of a full bar rest does not always work
Date: Sun, 1 Dec 2019 12:41:53 +0000


Sunday, December 1, 2019, 3:19:51 AM, Kieren MacMillan wrote:

> Hi Peter,

>> The following MWE shows that the full bar rests are not shifted as I would have expected in the parallel voices. Bars 5 and 6 print the rests at different heights. Have I missed a property somewhere?

> Well, rests are Rest, and full-bar rests are MultiMeasureRest…  ;)

>> Alternatively, can some one help me place the markup at the beginning of the bar?

> Why use a markup? Wouldn’t it be [semantically]
> correct/superior as a mark (or tempo)? e.g.

>     \tweak self-alignment-X #LEFT \mark \markup \italic "Ritard."

> Hope that helps!

Oh dear, it didn't! The staff in question (in my score) isn't at the top of the full score. It's a piano 4-hands score so I want the Ritard. to be at the top of staves 1 & 3, but not 2 or 4. To the tweak in the snippets won't work either as that puts marks over all staves.

But I see there's an issue 2199 on the subject and it's been fixed in 2.21, which I'm having to use anyway for another issue. I'll look at thie in more detail now I've found it.

> Kieren.

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