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Transposing instrument best practice

From: Simon Albrecht
Subject: Transposing instrument best practice
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2019 18:39:33 +0200

Hello everybody,

I have practically never had to typeset music for transposing instruments before, so I have barely any experience with this topic. The documentation confuses me, since the NR has two sections talking about transposing instruments, each giving different advice:

1.1.3.d recommends entering the notes in ‘written’ pitch and using \transposition to get correct MIDI, cues and quotes. In ‘See also’, it links to

1.1.2.b, where the recommendation is to enter the notes in concert pitch and use \transpose to display them in transposed, written pitch.

Keith O’Hara, in <>, writes that ‘we usually suggest that the variables holding music for transposing instruments store the music in concert pitch.’

Given the highly confusing nature of the subject, wouldn’t it be better if the NR took a clear stance toward one of the ways as ‘best practice’?

Which way would that be? What experiences did you make?

Best, Simon

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