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Re: Incorrect letter spacing in header

From: Steven Smith
Subject: Re: Incorrect letter spacing in header
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2019 09:37:19 -0600
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On 7/18/19 5:37 AM, Thomas Morley wrote:
Am Do., 18. Juli 2019 um 13:04 Uhr schrieb David Kastrup <address@hidden>:
Steven Smith <address@hidden> writes:

I am working on an arrangement for band, and would like the header
information to be the same size on the conductor's score and the
instrumental parts. I put the scores in different \book block so I
could use the #(set-global-staff-size 12.5) for the conductor's score
and #(set-global-staff-size 20) for the parts.

Then I tried to use    \abs-fontsize #20  for the Title in a
\bookTitleMarkup block. The second book has the correct font size, but
the letter spacing is wrong. If the first book has the smaller staff
size, the second book title spacing is too wide. If the first book has
the larger staff size, the second book title spacing is too narrow.

What is going on here? MWE code follows, images attached.
It doesn't work but bombs out because of "unexpected \book".  The reason
(after replacing unbreakable spaces by ordinary ones) is that

         { \fromproperty #'header:title}
is missing a space after #'header:title .  Please check your examples
before posting them, even after "trivial" changes.

Point taken. Thanks for your patience

version "2.19.80"
I can reproduce your problem with Ubuntu's standard version 2.18.2
(short of the version complaint, of course) but not with my
self-compiled version close to master.  Can you check with the most
recent development version (2.19.83 I think)?

David Kastrup
Fixed with

commit 8c96f95499189e630c7936bf4194f61e7d4d3456
Author: Torsten Hämmerle <address@hidden>
Date:   Mon Jun 11 14:03:05 2018 +0200

     Issue 5324: \abs-fontsize and set-global-staff-size in books

     Font data buffered in a hashtable will provide an outdated LilyPond
     scale factor after changing global staff size between books.
     The straight-forward solution is to simply apply #ly:restet-all-fonts
     from within #set-global-staff-size.

     2nd patch:

     One-word sentence in regtest file corrected.

As far as I can tell the patch is not in stable/2.20 and not in 2.19.83
Worth cherry-picking I'd say.

For now one could replace 'set-global-staff-size' with the fixed
version, full example:

\version "2.19.82"

#(define-public (set-global-staff-size sz)
   "Set the default staff size, where SZ is thought to be in PT."
   (let* ((current-mod (current-module))
          (pap (ly:parser-lookup '$defaultpaper))
          (in-layout? (or (module-defined? current-mod 'is-paper)
                          (module-defined? current-mod 'is-layout)))

          ;; maybe not necessary.
          ;; but let's be paranoid. Maybe someone still refers to the
          ;; old one.
          (new-paper (ly:output-def-clone pap))

          (new-scope (ly:output-def-scope new-paper)))

     (if in-layout?
         (ly:warning (_ "set-global-staff-size: not in toplevel scope")))

     (layout-set-absolute-staff-size-in-module new-scope
                                               (* sz (eval 'pt new-scope)))
     (module-define! current-mod '$defaultpaper new-paper)))


Thanks so much. I dropped the replacement into my file, and things are good again.


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