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Re: slurs and ties to end of bar

From: Thomas Morley
Subject: Re: slurs and ties to end of bar
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2019 13:48:24 +0200

Am Do., 18. Juli 2019 um 07:38 Uhr schrieb Werner LEMBERG <address@hidden>:
> Folks,
> I have to typeset a bunch of snippets that contain ties and slurs
> either from a (not typeset) bar at the left or to a bar to the right
> (see attached example).  What is the recommended way to do that
> gracefully?
>     Werner

Hi Werner,

I'm still not sure what you're after and/or the wished workflow.

Nevertheless below some sketch, which may be helpful (or not ...)
Be aware, it's a _sketch_, no security implemented...
  \omit Staff.Clef
  \omit Staff.TimeSignature
  \override Slur.after-line-breaking =
  #(lambda (grob)
    (let* ((lb (ly:spanner-bound grob LEFT))
           (lb-pc (ly:item-get-column lb))
           (lb-pc-ln (ly:grob-object lb-pc 'left-neighbor))
           (rb (ly:spanner-bound grob RIGHT))
           (rb-pc (ly:item-get-column rb))
           (rb-pc-rn (ly:grob-object rb-pc 'right-neighbor)))
     (ly:spanner-set-bound! grob LEFT lb-pc-ln)
     (ly:spanner-set-bound! grob RIGHT rb-pc-rn)))

  b4( b b b)


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