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Re: vertical position of OttavaBracket

From: Malte Meyn
Subject: Re: vertical position of OttavaBracket
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2019 08:39:48 +0200
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Am 15.07.19 um 08:12 schrieb Robin Bannister:
It is normal 'automagic' for
    \box { "X" "Y" "Z"}
to be mapped into
    { \box "X" \box "Y" \box "Z" }
giving you 3 boxes in a markup list
to which \concat can be applied.

Seems like that magic happens only for LilyPond syntax markups.

The mapping case
    \markup \concat \box { "X" "Y" "Z" }
gives 3 boxes without complaint, but
    #(markup #:concat #:box ("X" "Y" "Z"))
is errored.

Reformulating it as
    #(markup (make-concat-markup (make-box-markup ("X" "Y" "Z"))))
is also errored.

So if magic doesn’t work, one can do it by hand:

#(markup (make-concat-markup (map make-box-markup (list "X" "Y" "Z"))))

This looks like for my usecase it’s easier to use the LilyPond syntax …

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