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Two Hands "Snake"

From: Marcos Press
Subject: Two Hands "Snake"
Date: Sun, 7 Jul 2019 20:43:50 -0300


I'm trying to reproduce the curved line shown in the attached image.

The "Snake" is used to tell the interpreter that the other staff fragment should be played by the two hands, or more accurated, IN the two hands. And is intended so not to charge so much the score. (I know, I could copy/paste o use a variable of music expresion)

Normaly use these ugly solution
s-\markup {"With 2 Hands"}

But it would be realy nice to reproduce these "Snake" line similar to the usual line musicians use to represent small ralls.

I try with \path but couldn't get to do much

%%% these sample was extracted from lilypond manual %%%%
samplePath =
  (moveto 0 0)
     (curveto 0 -8 2 0 3 0)
     (curveto 3 -4 4 4 4 0)
<>-\markup {\path #0.25 \samplePath}

I coudn't manage to add more curves (because they do whatever they want ;P).
And actualy these is a markup that expand no more than one beat.

What do you think it couls be the way?

Thanks so much

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