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Re: Jazz Chord Symbols (as new font - NOT notation font)

From: Aaron Hill
Subject: Re: Jazz Chord Symbols (as new font - NOT notation font)
Date: Fri, 05 Jul 2019 18:11:09 -0700
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On 2019-07-05 5:34 pm, Marco Baumgartner wrote:
the output of:

\markup \roman "fi"

is in the attachment. It does not produce the ligatures - both in standard
and a testing font of mine containing ligatures (otf).
In the word "leer", the letter e and r should be connected.

I stumbled over this (2015):

It's said, that as of 2.18.2 and newer, ligatures are broken in lilypond.
Doesn't seem to be the case for everybody though...

I've updatet my system, running Debian Stretch 9.9 now.
Lilypond is no longer in the standard-repository in this updated version,
so I've installed the generic package "2.18.2" from

Firstly, I said by mistake.  I meant of course

Secondly, I goofed in my testing. I had thought I was on stable 2.18.2 when I saw the ligature working. But that is wrong. It was when was using unstable 2.19.48 that the ligatures appear to work. And for comparison, the following also works on my machine running 2.19.82:

\version "2.19"
\paper { #(include-special-characters) }
\markup \fontsize #12 \roman "fi ffi fl"
\markup \fontsize #12 \roman { "f‌i f‌f‌i f‌l" }

At this point, 2.18.2 is pretty old when compared to all the updates pending next stable release. So it would definitely be worth seeing if you can move up to the latest bits.

But if you have to stick to 2.18.2, then ligatures are not going to work as expected due to problems with the older version of Pango it would seem.

My apologies for leading you down a bad path.

-- Aaron Hill

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