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Re: A spacing problem

From: Robert Blackstone
Subject: Re: A spacing problem
Date: Fri, 5 Jul 2019 15:00:33 +0200

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your comment and advice.

Am I using barchecks on every bar? Yes, I do.  Every bar in my score ends with 
| followed by the bar-number . (For example : g’1 |%P1V1-5) 

BTW, I use TeXShop for my input and I am very happy with it. For several 
reasons I never liked Frescobaldi. TeXShop  accepts my little tricks and It is 
more forgiving than Frescobaldi. As an example, the present “problem-score” is 
compiled by TeXShop in a few seconds. Frescobaldi does not compile it at all 
for some error that I don’t understand and which TeXShop ignores. 

In the present case the console in TeXShop gives a lot of warnings about 
missing barchecks but these warnings exclusively concern the lyrics. They don’t 
affect the compilation of the score.
When I comment out the Lyrics Voice in the score the problem is still there, in 
one bar only (I could solve the three others by adding and/or displacing line 

Anyway, thanks again for your interest in my problem.

Best regards,
Robert Blackstone 

> On 5 Jul 2019, at 10:22 , Andrew Bernard <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi Robert, I know this is like computer phone support asking you if the modem 
> is plugged in and turned out, but are you using barchecks on every bar? Saves 
> a multitude of problems.
> May I make the polite suggestion that it is very often, in my experience, the 
> act of making an MWE, even if difficult, that many times resolves the problem 
> for you? Or at least a binary chop approach?
> You could mail me the score if it is not secret and I will look at it for you 
> also.
> Andrew

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