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Re: Lilypond 2.19.83 - ragged-right problem not solved

From: John McWilliam
Subject: Re: Lilypond 2.19.83 - ragged-right problem not solved
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2019 14:17:07 -0700 (MST)

Windows 10
Fresobaldi 3.0.1

<Ragged right justification when using the command: #(set-default-paper-size
"a4" 'landscape)>

I would like to inform everyone who has put time and effort into trying to
help me solve this impass that I have decided to downgrade to Lilypond
2.18.2. This has proved to be a wise decision resulting in perfect right
justification and normal pdf printouts using identical code. My own personal
reflection is that it would seem to confirm the presence of a bug in later
versions of Lilypond which will hopefully be corrected in the near future.
It would also seem to indicate that MAC offers a better platform than
Windows considering the fact that the above problem was not so prevalent

John McWilliam
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