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Re: Initial (but only initial) staff hiding

From: Michael Welsh Duggan
Subject: Re: Initial (but only initial) staff hiding
Date: Fri, 17 May 2019 10:00:11 -0400
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Kieren MacMillan <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi Michael,
>> I want the VocalStaff group not to begin until the system with the
>> first non-rest (interesting) event, but after that I want all staff
>> in the staffgroup to always exist, regardless of notes or lack
>> thereof.
> showMMRs = {
>   \set Staff.keepAliveInterfaces =
>     #'( rhythmic-grob-interface
>         multi-measure-rest-interface
>         lyric-interface
>         stanza-number-interface
>         percent-repeat-interface) }
> Once there’s something interesting, put \showMMRs to force the staff
> to show no matter what.

Nice!  That does exactly what I want, and, what's more, I understand how
it works.  Thank you!

Michael Welsh Duggan

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