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bug in lyric syllable magnetic snap

From: Alexander Kobel
Subject: bug in lyric syllable magnetic snap
Date: Thu, 16 May 2019 13:11:34 +0200
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Hi David, hi Mike, hi all,

I sometimes (still use Lilypond, and when I do, I typically use) your wonderful snippet for snapping "close" syllables into a single token.

(For those who don't know this contribution: it's meant to get rid of unpleasant thin-space gaps between syllables in cramped conditions, when LyricHyphens are not shown, but there's a "kerning" problem due to the fact that syllables are engraved as separate entities.)

Now I stumbled across an issue with that: two syllables are combined which are clearly far apart; see the attached screenshot and reduced working example from an actual engraving. It's not exactly minimal, but at least it's reasonably short and shows the problem. And the exact circumstances when the bug occurs are not clear to me, and it's somewhat sensitive to reduction.

According to my tests, it's related to the facts that there is

(1) a hyphen *before* the syllable "bor" in "ver -- bor -- gen" in the alto part;

(2) a line break exactly there (moving the break "remedies" the problem); and

(3) another voice/staff simultaneously (commenting out the soprano mitigates the issue as well).

It's not, however, related to the accidental in the soprano, or the fact that the whole note in the lower voice is wider than the quarter in the upper voice (replacing d'1 by d'4*4 doesn't help).

Any thoughts on what goes wrong here, and about a possible fix or workarounds?

[ In case you wonder: it's an excerpt of Heinrich Schütz' "Die Himmel erzählen", converted from James Gibb's contribution 46745 to CPDL (engraved in Capella) via musicxml2ly. I mainly want to fix a couple of minor spelling errors; the conversion worked fairly pleasant in general. ]


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