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Re: landscape orientation differences between versions

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: landscape orientation differences between versions
Date: Sat, 04 May 2019 16:26:34 +0200
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"address@hidden" <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello everybody
> I'm working with Lilypond for several months now, and my experiments get
> more and more realistic and interesting ;-) So I will follow up with
> specific questions soon and hope someone may be able to give me advice.
> As I'm new to this list, I would like to ask how I should handle the
> following observation:
> Let's start with the following code fragment:
> {code}
> \version "2.18.2"
> \book {
>   \paper {
>     #(set-paper-size "a5" 'landscape)
>   }
>   \score {
>     \new Staff
>     <<
>       { \relative c'{ c d e f}}
>     >>
>     \layout {
>     }
>   }
> }
> {code}
> When I render this code with Lilypond v2.18.2, the PDF appears in
> landscape view as expected - be it in Adobe Reader or in the Frescobaldi
> score view.
> When I render this code with Lilypnd v2.19.83, the PDF is rendered in
> portrait orientation (and displayed so in the viewers mentionned).
> When I change the version hint in the code to
> {code}
> \version "2.19.83"
> {code}
> and render the code with Lilypond v2.19.83, the PDF is rendered in
> portrait orientation.
> *Summary*
> File version hint    Lilypond version   PDF orientation
> 2.18.2               2.18.2             landscape
> 2.18.2               2.19.83            portrait
> 2.19.83              2.19.83            portrait
> Is this a bug? Where to post it? Or have I missed something?

When something changes, it may be worth reading the manual.  From the
paper size section of 2.19:


    If the symbol 'landscape is added to the paper size function, pages
    will be rotated by 90 degrees, and wider line widths will be set

        #(set-default-paper-size "a6" 'landscape)

    Swapping the paper dimensions without having the print rotated (like
    when printing to postcard size, or creating graphics for inclusion
    rather than a standalone document) can be achieved by appending
    ‘landscape’ to the name of the paper size itself:

        #(set-default-paper-size "a6landscape")

    When the paper size ends with an explicit ‘landscape’ or ‘portrait’,
    the presence of a 'landscape symbol only affects print orientation,
    not the paper dimensions used for layout.
I'll readily admit that it's not mentioned in the "Changes" section.

David Kastrup

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