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[lilypond-es] Se buscan voluntarios para el escuad rón anti-bugs Fwd: Ca

From: Francisco Vila
Subject: [lilypond-es] Se buscan voluntarios para el escuad rón anti-bugs Fwd: Call for help
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2011 13:57:14 +0100

Hola, amigos de la comunidad hispanohablante de LilyPond. Si entre
vosotros hay algún voluntario con las siguientes características:

  - dominio del inglés
  - saber usar lilypond
  - 20 minutos libres al día, uno o dos días a la semana

queda invitado a ponerse en contacto con Carl Sorensen para formar
parte del escuadrón de cazadores de bugs.  Vuestra ayuda será
inmensamente apreciada. Retransmito su mensaje recién aparecido en la
lista general.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Carl Sorensen <address@hidden>
Date: 2011/11/9
Subject: Call for help
To: "address@hidden" <address@hidden>

Dear LilyPond user community,

The LilyPond development team is somewhat stressed right now, due to a
variety of issues (seems like it's a different one for each developer).
We *really* need to increase the size of the development pool.  But we
aren't ready right now to mentor inexperienced developers.

So, since you're not an experienced developer, how can you help?  By
taking over bug-squad duties.  We currently have a couple of bug-squadders
who are also developers.  If we could relieve them of their bug-squad
responsibilities, it would make time for them to work on their other
development projects.

Being a bug squad member requires *no* development expertise with
LilyPond.  You simply need to be able to use LilyPond, a web browser, and
email.  And it only requires 20 minutes per day.  You can volunteer for
one or two days per week, so the total time per week is less than an hour.

To learn more, please look at Chapter 8 of the Contributor's Guide for
version 2.15.

If you're interested in volunteering to help keep LilyPond moving forward,
please send an email to the Bug Meister, Phil Holmes, who is copied on
this email.

Thanks in advance for your willingness to help with this!

Carl Sorensen

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