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Re: Musings on our translated documentation build

From: Jonas Hahnfeld
Subject: Re: Musings on our translated documentation build
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2023 22:45:51 +0200
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On Wed, 2023-01-04 at 14:39 +0100, Jonas Hahnfeld via Discussions on
LilyPond development wrote:
> Now, this works in our current setup, but it seems to me that there is
> an easier way to achieve this with "native" Texinfo tools: Instead of
> @node Translated
> @section Translated
> @translationof Original
> we could also write
> @node Original
> @section Translated
> which would take care of the .html file names automatically (modulo the
> lower-casing which we do for aesthetics, but that's easy and
> potentially even more debatable).
> The obvious downside is that references in the translated documentation
> get a bit more complex:
>  * For references in the same document (say inside the NR), we'd have
> to write @ref{Original} instead of @ref{Translated}. Together with
> @xrefautomaticsectiontitle on, this will still show the translated
> section title for PDF and HTML (does not seem to work for .info, but
> see first paragraph why this isn't actually a problem), even if it
> looks a bit weird / funny.
>  * For cross-references, we'd have to manually provide the mapping. So
> instead of @ruser{Translated}, we'd have to write
> @rusernamed{Original,Translated} to make the link text appear
> translated.

I've been working on this over the past weeks, and the changes in implement
the new setup described above. If possible, please have a look so that
we can find potential problems before merging (and the subsequent


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