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Re: Glyph extents

From: Jean Abou Samra
Subject: Re: Glyph extents
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2023 02:46:50 +0200
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Le mardi 18 avril 2023 à 17:35 -0700, Aaron Hill a écrit :
> On 2023-04-18 5:28 pm, Jean Abou Samra wrote:
> > Why are we using the ink_rect for Y extents but logical_rect for X extents?
> Kerning?
As a pedantic terminology point, I believe “kerning” is something you apply to 
glyph pairs, not to individual glyphs.
Apart from that, I am wondering why we're not using logical_rect for Y, not why 
we're not using ink_rect for X because that is definitely sensible.
diff --git a/lily/ b/lily/
index f030f8b030..4eb2f03ee3 100644
--- a/lily/
+++ b/lily/
@@ -335,7 +335,7 @@ Pango_font::pango_item_string_stencil (PangoGlyphItem const 
   Box string_extent (
     Interval (PANGO_LBEARING (logical_rect), PANGO_RBEARING (logical_rect)),
-    Interval (-PANGO_DESCENT (ink_rect), PANGO_ASCENT (ink_rect)));
+    Interval (-PANGO_DESCENT (logical_rect), PANGO_ASCENT (logical_rect)));
   string_extent.scale (scale_);

I get
Well, OK, there's a problem. The logical_rect probably includes the necessary 
skip between two lines?

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