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PATCHES - Countdown to April 14

From: Colin Campbell
Subject: PATCHES - Countdown to April 14
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2023 18:38:55 -0600
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Here is the current countdown report.

The next countdown will begin on April 14th.

A list of all merge requests can be found here:


!1930 Refine convert-ly rules for font syntax - Jean Abou Samra

!1928 Fix chord grids in MIDI output - Jean Abou Samra

!1926 musicxml: simplify element lookup (mostly children of <note>) - Dan Eble

!1916 Exit with non-zero return code if Scheme errors were found - Jean Abou Samra

!1908 PQueue cleaning - Dan Eble


!1937 scm/markup-macros.scm: Remove redundant (cond ...) branch - Lukas-Fabian Moser

!1936 Fixes/Improvements for ancient music - Werner Lemberg

!1935 More fixes to the (translated) documentation - Jonas Hahnfeld

!1933 More complete Pango font selection - Jean Abou Samra

!1931 NR: Fix and improve documentation of some movement markup functions - Werner Lemberg


!1929 Make it includable in `\score` context - Werner Lemberg

!1927 Enhance white mensural ligatures - Benkő Pál


No patches in New at this time.


!1925 Doc: Avoid newlines in references - Jonas Hahnfeld

!1810 Let \rhythm markup derive from current layout - David Kastrup

yr humble & obd't,


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