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Re: Musings on our translated documentation build

From: Federico Bruni
Subject: Re: Musings on our translated documentation build
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2023 23:56:54 +0100

Il giorno lun 13 mar 2023 alle 22:20:12 +0100, Jonas Hahnfeld <> ha scritto:
> I would like to see a test for a language in order to better understand.

Here's a proof-of-concept for the French Usage Manual (sorry, if I had
correctly remembered that it was you and not Jean-Charles, I would have
picked an Italian manual):
It works for all links inside the Usage Manual and cross-references to
other manuals (e.g. the NR), except for those to unnumbered sections
(see above). Note that external links into the French Usage Manual are
broken, the other manuals would need similar treatment.

> Would you take care of all the changes required in translated files? > ("swapping" @translationof and @section, changing the @ref occurrences,
 > ...)

 Yes, this would be automated, I hope.

(the above proof-of-concept was mostly by hand, but I'm certainly going
to write a script for the actual conversion...)

Hi Jonas

Actually I was curious to check the html output rather than the changes in the source.
If it doesn't break working links, it's fine for me.

If you eventually proceed, write the scripts, etc. I'd be happy to check if the Italian manuals look good and links work correctly. CI builds the doc also, right? Maybe English manuals only?

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