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Re: Missing items to make Cairo ready

From: Paolo Prete
Subject: Re: Missing items to make Cairo ready
Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2023 00:40:33 +0100

On Sat, Dec 31, 2022 at 1:39 AM Jean Abou Samra <> wrote:

> Le 31/12/2022 à 01:29, Paolo Prete a écrit :
> > Yeah, I also thought about overlying multiple surfaces.
> Nope, no dice.
> > But don't exclude my tip: after all, the colors can give you unique
> > identifiers for the map I've described to you, and this makes the
> > mechanism safe
> Well, it's pretty hacky.
I know but I would not underestimate it. I found the following merge
request, where I see your participation:

In theory, adding <g> groups with output-attributes should have a similar,
if not identical implementation.
What I fear is that manipulating the SVG tree is beyond the scope of the
library, which is meant for _rendering_; but at the same time I think that
producing a SVG file is in itself more than "rendering" (then, these
features could be accepted).
Therefore, I think that the best thing is to ping the cairo staff and ask
if both these features have chances to be accepted, considering the
enormous advantage they have for LilyPond and other applications as well.


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