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Re: Deprecation of instrumentCueName and instrument switch stuffs

From: Xavier Scheuer
Subject: Re: Deprecation of instrumentCueName and instrument switch stuffs
Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2022 23:41:08 +0100

On Wed, 14 Dec 2022 at 14:48, Jean Abou Samra <> wrote:
> Werner's commit merely documented a deprecation that had been
> going on for much longer. The rationale is given here:
> and I found this thread:
> which shows pretty much the same story as what is happening
> now, but 11 years ago.
> I totally agree that the \instrumentSwitch and \addInstrumentDefinition
> functions are useless. Just use variables. (Contrary to what its
> name suggests, \instrumentSwitch isn't directly related to
> Instrument_switch_engraver.)
> Now, is the InstrumentSwitch grob useful? I don't know. On the
> one hand, modern LilyPond provides more semantic grobs printing
> text, like SectionLabel. On the other hand, SectionLabel is
> special because it interacts well with \repeat segno. InstrumentSwitch
> looks like it does nothing special at all compared to TextScript
> or TextMark.

Hello to all,

Thanks for the answers and sorry for my late reply, I was busy and then
forgot to answer, the end of year festivities not helping.

I will see with text mark or an alternative like the ones proposed by Jean.
It's just that I think it's> unfortunate to remove dedicated features
(especially when it's a common element, after all a lot of instrumental
parts have instrument cue names).

But I understand the reasoning of adding grobs that have special behaviors
or interactions.

This will be an opportunity to try out the new additions in version 2.24
(released in the meantime, congratulations) such as sections and other
repeat volta, segno features (hoping that this would meet my needs and that
I could replace the code snippets I currently use to format "Da Capo" and
other such indications that currently require the use of the
multi-mark-engraver that is not included in LilyPond).

Many thanks for taking the time to answer me and especially for developing
LilyPond to such a high quality.

Best regards,

Xavier Scheuer <>

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