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Darwin 64 questions

From: Paolo Prete
Subject: Darwin 64 questions
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2022 22:29:07 +0100


I'm a bit confused about the available "old" LilyPond versions for Darwin
AFAIK, there are three choices:

A) The unofficial builds on GitLab:
B) The MacPorts builds
C) The Homebrew builds

I don't have a macOS, so here are my questions:

1) Why does the official LilyPond website not mention the GitLab unofficial
builds anymore?
I assume that this is due to the fact that MacPorts and Homebrew already
provide these builds, but it would be good to have a way to download these
binaries as compressed archives. Or maybe the unofficial builds are
somewhat unstable?

2) IIUC, MacPorts provides two builds: 2.22.0 and 2.24.0, and Homebrew
provides only 2.24.0: is this true or are there other versions to download?

3) I need to test 2.22.0 with GitHub's CI workflow. However, GitHub doesn't
provide MacPorts for installing software (it only supports Homebrew), nor I
have a corresponding archive that I could download and decompress with a
command line: therefore I'm stuck... Any idea of how to solve this?

4) What about 64 bit binary builds for versions different than 1.19.83,
2.22.0 and 2.24.0? Are they available somewhere?


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