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Re: LilyPond 2.24.0 released!

From: Jean Abou Samra
Subject: Re: LilyPond 2.24.0 released!
Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2022 16:57:30 +0100
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Le 15/12/2022 à 22:42, Jonas Hahnfeld via Info-lilypond a écrit :
We are proud to announce the release of GNU LilyPond 2.24.0.

Congrats everyone. Looking back at this release, I'm quite proud
of what we achieved. Too bad that we can't go together to a restaurant
to celebrate.

And thank you Jonas for the release work.

Looking at the places
suggests to send the release announcement to, I have
spread the word on these (after checking no-one else had
already done so, of course):

- reddit r/lilypond
- (not listed) the Facebook group (yes I know ...)
- Canorus GitHub repo

I have also copied the release announcement to our Savannah project
page, so it should soon appear on (thanks David (?)
for making me a project member on Savannah).

The rest is made of sites I'm not really familiar with and/or
comfortable posting to (e.g. Musescore forums; Musescore dropped
its LilyPond export feature a while ago), but if someone if
familiar with lwn and the like, feel free to organize to write
up something for those.


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