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PATCHES - Countdown to November 18

From: Colin Campbell
Subject: PATCHES - Countdown to November 18
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2022 17:08:42 -0700
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Here is the current countdown report.

The next countdown will begin on November 18th.

A list of all merge requests can be found here:


!1729 texinfo.tex: Update to upstream version - Werner Lemberg

!1726 More work on index entries - Werner Lemberg

!1723 Fix ring accent glyph name in Latin Modern typewriter fonts - Werner Lemberg


!1732 convert-ly: Print "not smart" message for markup->string - Jean Abou Samra

!1731 *.scm: Add missing backslashes in documentation strings - Werner Lemberg

!1728 Whole notes (and longer) don't warn about weird stem size - Martín Rincón Botero

!1727 Add support for solitary '+' in figured bass - Werner Lemberg

!1725 Fix text replacements for non-ASCII input on non-Unicode-aware locale - Jean Abou Samra

!1724 Fix direction for whole note tremolos on third line - Martín Rincón Botero

!1722 Figured bass inside Staff doesn't collide with scripts - Martín Rincón Botero

!1721 Unify and fix grob property type checks - Jean Abou Samra

!1717 build: Fix some documentation build glitches - Werner Lemberg

!1677 max-slope-factor for tuplet brackets - Martín Rincón Botero


!1734 Resurrect banana commas - Werner Lemberg

!1733 GregorianTranscriptionVoice: stop making ligatures transparent - Jean Abou Samra


No patches in New at this time.


!1710 Web: Update Download part for 2.24 - Jean Abou Samra



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