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Broken commit IDs in French translation

From: Jean Abou Samra
Subject: Broken commit IDs in French translation
Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2022 21:31:11 +0100
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Hi Jean-Charles,

What is your procedure for filling in commit IDs in translated
files? It looks like a number of them don't exist in the repository.

~/repos/lilypond $ for commit in $(git grep -hPo --no-line-number "(?<=Translation of GIT committish: ).*" -- Documentation/fr/ | sort -u); do if git cat-file -e $commit^{commit} 2> /dev/null ; then echo "$commit exists"; else echo "$commit does not exist!"; fi; done
11550057d65cb50a866bbfad726809b57643e4fc does not exist!
196dca281894cb360f1691cdb76faf5bf53d7724 does not exist!
2d8a09d28e5c8a28ee4d7ab698f0a07f605f57d7 exists
45d50a875d58749615f098ec347672414f39e797 exists
47b48664c54fd782ea2c3c8ae2cdb0461b3c82df exists
54823c978524b8ec7e69f7550b6cbeda3575eb69 exists
5b32cd8c0c41b63b0a07ea8bbf2060496397a368 exists
5e8252fc0b40f07cb68471ac9d987ea090023bcb exists
70606224a69f3a7e96aeaf081cb0d1216c3f2cea does not exist!
71838b5f233fb9ba9cb590c4b2f74006e1285754 does not exist!
72e590e5b04a5e3f449eab2b90b6cef8fc173d29 exists
752e6245d9e9bd6c7628285a043aedfe5b7bab87 exists
8c1840ca28a05b3dad8d595e04d03779ba0a286a exists
94c1522b391896f86ba1cd0340757dd88b8f9586 does not exist!
a2f027a68c97fe9bebade2e873419c6c465bc503 exists
c59047536d453db4fe13278299a54f9cef93fec8 does not exist!
da3bfa626d5a43304e5c9e12fca65dafd78c1552 does not exist!
dbf7c8f5883b9a7044a6d8303da97208848fb62a does not exist!
e8bcef81259c5c88e4d5b93dd1da4d5a002de52f exists
fb8b017169997c87598f98dd7942fa51e5598549 exists
fbc2894a5734230cec0fb96f519c472737e185f4 exists


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