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Re: strange pygments handling of LilyPond input

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: strange pygments handling of LilyPond input
Date: Wed, 02 Nov 2022 13:53:51 +0000 (UTC)

>> Please have a look at the attached image; it's taken from the LM,
>> chapter 3.1.4.  As can be seen, `_` and `-` are bold, and `^`
>> isn't.  Is it possible to make `_` and `-` bold only if used as
>> articulation (i.e., *after* `[_^-]`)?
> The relevant part of the output generated by lilypond-book for this
> snippet is
> @ifnothtml
> @pygments
> @tb{\relative}@t{ }@t{@{}@t{ }@t{c''}@t{4}@tb{_-}@tb{^1}@t{
> }@t{d}@tb{^.}@t{ }@t{f}@tb{^4}@tb{_2}@tb{->}@t{
> }@t{e}@tb{^-}@tb{_+}@t{ }@t{@}}
> @endPygments
> @end ifnothtml
> That looks correct, [...]

The above example was the wrong one, sorry.  What I actually wanted to
show are inconsistencies.  In the same section you can find

c''4-3 e-5 b-2 a-1

which Pygments translates to

@t{c''} @t{4} @t{-3} @t{e} @t{-5} @t{b} @t{-2} @t{a} @t{-1}

that is, the `-` is not typeset in bold.  The next one

c''4-ˆ c-+ c-- c-!

gets translated to

@t{c''} @t{4} @tb{-^} @t{c} @tb{-+} @t{c} @t{--} @t{c} @tb{-!}

showing bold and non-bold for `-` in the same function.


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