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Re: Should we be touching goops?

From: Aaron Hill
Subject: Re: Should we be touching goops?
Date: Mon, 06 Jun 2022 18:19:10 -0700

On 2022-06-06 5:24 pm, David Kastrup wrote:
Putting a bit more meat on what this may mean:


This certainly lends some brevity being able to use operators rather than named procedures. Providing all this is firstly correct and secondly reasonably performant, it seems like a good addition.

That said, I did find one surprise looking at [1]. I would not have expected 1+ (increment) to work without some way of Scheme knowing how to construct unity for a given type. Am I just overlooking where such a <Moment> is being specified? Or is there supposed to be a type-specific overload of 1+? I am worried something might not have gotten committed.


-- Aaron Hill

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